Today we saw Santa…the real one….

Today we saw Santa.   Yes, the real one it’s ok you can be jealous.  Yes most malls have Santas helpers but ours has the real deal.   Devin was away for work, but didn’t mind that I still wanted to take Brendan, to see the jolly man in the red suit.  So this morning we were up he got a bath, because you should be nice and clean for Santa, duh!   And off we went to Annapolis to see Santa and mumble some unintelligible words, smile, pay a small fortune for a picture which I was sure would have tears in it and head home.  I was wrong …this child never ceases to amaze me/us…he LOVED Santa he smiled smiled smiled for the pictures.

If you would like a copy of the picture let me know…so I can deliver it on Christmas 🙂

Brendan and Santa 2008

Brendan and Santa 2009


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One response to “Today we saw Santa…the real one….

  1. Adorable! Brendan is so handsome!

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