There’s no place like home for the holidays…

truer words were never spoken then those songs lyrics in my post title. This year was the first year since I moved to Maryland that we were able to go home for Thanksgiving so this year was a great Thanksgiving. We left Maryland around 10 a.m. , there wasn’t much traffic (surprisingly) and headed up to Delaware for our first stop of the day to see Devins mom and dad. They were hosting Thanksgiving later in the day for Dennis, Matt and Uncle Jack. Brendan had fun playing with his mom-mom and pop-pop. They had a bell and jingle bells for him to play with. And also had already set up their tree so he was in awe of that.

with his Pop-pop

with his Pop-pop

luckily mom-mom had an old cell phone he could play with so he would stop chomping on ours πŸ™‚

he tried to escape with mom-mom and pop-pops bell

So after we left Delaware we headed up to Philly to my mom and dads for dinner with the family. As I said earlier this was our first time going home for Thanksgiving in 6 years so this year was extra special for me. I really miss being in Philly for the holiday. We got there just before everyone else, got settled in and the chaos/fun began. We do a Turkey quiz (my mom makes it up with impossible questions)….this year Devin won and Pop and I cam in 2nd place. After that we all gathered at the table for the feast. Just to put things into perspective the turkey needed for this dinner weighs more then Brendan. Brendan = 23.5 lbs, turkey =27 pounds haha! We of course had the tradition cranberry sauce, tons of mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, turkey shaped butter and some new sides too. For dessert we had an assortment of pies and my dad picked up a Stock’s cake, mmmmm! Brendan had so much fun playing with everyone all day.

with Grammy

with Poppy

Grammy's cane is his new favorite toy

Mamie and Pop got Brendan a Frosty the Snowman snowglobe

Uncle Jimmy makes super silly faces πŸ˜‰

Aunt Geri gives awesome hugs to stop tears πŸ™‚

Brendan v. the 2009 turkey

Poppy doesn't mind sharing his spot at the head of the table with Brendan πŸ™‚

with Aunt Carolyn

Our Thanksgiving night tradition is to watch It's a Wonderful Life here is Brendan doing just that with his Pop πŸ™‚

my dad set up trains around the pack-n-play for Brendan so he had something to do while in the room at night ...he loved playing conductor.

the trains go forward, backward, stop and play music. There are people in the cars that move and the elves in the third car see-saw.

they also got him a beautiful music box that has a Christmas scene in the bottom that moves. We are going to put it in his room and put it on while he falls asleep he loved watching it at their house πŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

On Friday while everyone was busy shopping for deals the boys, my dad and Devin, headed down to the shore house to check the mail and just get out of the house. My mom, Aunt Geri, Beth, K.C. and I went to see White Christmas the musical. But first we went to lunch at McCormick & Schmicks with all of th women in the family. We had a really nice lunch chit chatting and laughing. The musical was FANTASTIC …I would go see it again a million more times. So if you have the opportunity please go see it!


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