it was a free for all!

Last week we got to have a visitor for a couple days, my dad.   He got into town on Wednesday afternoon while I was still at school.  He came for fun and to help us retile the bathroom.  Brendan got to play with pop, be spoiled and have fun fun fun for 4 whole days. I truly think he was in heaven.   Rather then bore everyone with words I will let the pictures tell the story….

Just up from his afternoon nap and eagerly awaiting his Pops arrival. Yes he removed his pants he always does! Devin sent me a text message while I was at school that Brendan was parading his pants around his crib, strange!


calling Mamie to let her know Pop arrived 🙂

Pop of course came with a gift from him and Mamie ...a singing snowman. Brendan was apprehensive at first but now he is carrying the snowman around his playroom.

Pop said munchkins are worker guys breakfast. This was Brendan's first time having a munchkin and he loved them. His eyes got so big once the sugar hit his lips. Yes it was a free for all while my dad was here haha!



he spent a lot of time in his highchair watching his dad work. He loves his Santa snowglobe we got him... Dad and Devin got him 2 backups for when this one dies.



Pop decided to wake up Brendan every morning. Who does that!?!  haha.




a family that renos together stays together 🙂 And yes we all did participate in this renovation.


Friday Cherokee got a haircut...boy is that an understatement.


buddies for life






that smile means trouble is you will see in the next picture...



and cute are they!?!




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