2 videos, 2 pictures and 1 shot


Pop and Brendan feets





This past weekend when we were home for Halloween my dad got some video of Brendan on his Iphone.  We finally got them on youtube so here they are and hope you enjoy.



**** Please note…Brendan does NOT fall in this video! ****






Today we were fortunate in a way …we happened to be at the pediatrician for a random reason and she mentioned they had gotten a handful of the H1N1 vaccines for the under 2 year olds. As I am sure you all have heard on the news there are 2 versions of the vaccine: the shot and the mist.   The shot is for under 2 year olds and the mist is for 2 and up at least this is my understanding. All I know is Brendan could not have the mist form.   She was glad Brendan was in the office because he is one of their priority patients and she really wanted him to get this shot so he did today. It was absolutely fate that we were there today!   She isn’t sure if the CDC will be sending them the second one or not but she is hoping they will.  If so he will get the second one when we go next month for his 18 month (ACK!) appointment.  Either way one shot is better then no shot.


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