Halloween 2009!

****Warning: this entry is loaded with pictures and will take several minutes to load ****

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago Brendan was so teeny tiny and we were celebrating his first Halloween…he couldn’t sit up,crawl, babble, walk, hold his bottle or do any of the cool things he can now. This Halloween was so different then last years he does so many things like walking/running and has such a personality , is independent, flirts with just about every female he sees and loves all the attention he gets. At any rate Brendan and I got into Philly about 11 a.m. to my mom and dad setting up out back for the block party. Yes this year since Halloween was on a Saturday the neighborhood decided to have the block party on Halloween, awesome! Luckily Devin was also able to join us for Halloween this year because he was traveling for work to NJ so he was just a short ride away. We had a lot of company for Halloween festivities this year: Grammy, Poppy, Aunt Geri, Uncle Jimmy, Beth, K.C., Drew, Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George, Hayley and her friends Ryan,Casey, Sarah, Courtney and Carley, Brittany and her friend Sam and her son Jericho. Brendan really enjoyed playing with the kids, wearing his costume and carrying around his pumpkin bucket. We didn’t give him any candy but did have a taste of his first ever Philadelphia soft pretzel and he loved it, of course! We finished off the night watching the Phillies game while Brendan played with Hayley’s friends not that he was complaining hahh. Sunday Brendan got some one on one time with his Mamie while I went to Modell’s with my Dad to get some Phillies gear, then some time with Mamie and Pop while I went to pick up Devin from NJ once again. On our way home from Philly we stopped by to visit Brendan’s Mom-mom in Delaware just enough time to wreak a little havoc on her house but not too much 😉 He got to play with her Philly Phanatic doll and in the rocking chair that has been in the family for several generations.

DSC_7573helping Pop carve his pumpkin



Uncle Jimmy and Brendan watching the big kids play pass the pumpkin





my dad put Brendan in a box.... we still don't know why hah



Aunt Beth understand that teething hurts 😦


Brendan the turtle and Hayley the teletubbie


he was absolutely fascinated by the pumpkins

going to a rave haha  with Cece and Michelle ;)


Me, Michelle and Cece


Me, Brendan, Michelle and Cece




Brendan discovered that Mamie has a lot of fun toys in her kitchen drawers and by fun I mean LOUD!


playing the piano with one of his newest girlfriends Sarah

watching the Phillies game



practicing for the baseball season with a night stick

practicing for the baseball season with a night stick

Brendan and Mom-Mom

Brendan and Mom-Mom




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