Just call him balloon boy….

Yeh I think Brendan was sick of hearing about this alleged balloon boy on t.v. So today he once again tried to escape except this time he tried to take his friend the mummy balloon with him. I am not sure if he was planning on: crawling, walking, flying or a combination of all three of these or where he was planning on going but he tried for a good 15-20 minutes to get out that door. Today was day 5 of Brendan playing with his balloon. From here on out this is the only present I am buying him, well at least until he is old enough to know better. He just loves balloons and today realized the wonderful of a punching balloon, you know like you get at the zoo…yup he was doing that all over the place. Poor balloon took a beating. Better the balloon then mommy or Cherokee hah šŸ˜‰


***bwoop*** attempted escape ***bwoop***


Well, are you gonna help me or what!?!


Cherokee I have your ball come inside and play with me


Mater must have been bad he was punished with a wooden spoon...OUCH!


Practicing to take over the family business when he gets older...


double checking his work like his Pop šŸ™‚



As you can see in the background the sun is down and Brendan is still playing with the balloon....and yes that is a jack-o-ball šŸ™‚


watching Game 1 - World Series 2009 - Phillies vs. Yankees - Phillies WON!


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