Trip to the doctors…

Well as you know Brendan has been sick for a couple days now …and having food issues for even longer.  Sunday night when we were putting Brendan to bed for the night Devin noticed what he thought was Brendan wheezing. Wheezing is something, especially, in a preemie that a doctor does not take lightly.  So while at school today I put in a call to the Pediatrician to see what they had to say and they made sure to get him in before the end of the day, luckily though it was after my classes were over for the day, phew!    We covered three topics and got a quick weight check :  sickness, reflux/eczema and H1N1 dun dun dun! 😉


1)   Sickness:  He was/is running a low grade fever, post-nasal drip, lungs sounded pretty clear, his cough is yucky but pretty much ok (my wording not hers).

Diagnosis: a common cold for now.

Script:  Humidifier, Tylenol every 4 hours, lots of fluids, lots of sleep


2 )  Food issues:   Reflux is back in full force.  He vomited two times in three  hours at daycare today.   The daycare provider said it was just like he use to do when he was a baby he would eat and right back out it came.  This was no surprise to me as he has been doing this at home. Luckily I have been sending him with extra clothes so that wasn’t an issue.   Now there are two correlations with the reflux one being the food aversions. Hello, my son no longer like to eat real food. And this is common in children or really anyone with reflux. Like the pediatrician said “who would want to eat food that makes them sick!?!”  Since he was seeing the Pediatric G.I about this she would prefer he handle this because he had run tests and handled all medications. And the other correlation is that often times children with reflux have eczema.  It was no surprise to us that when Brendan went off his reflux medication, shortly thereafter his eczema came back.   There is conflicting information about being on the medication long term but for right now it is obvious he needs to be on something.  So my first phone call tomorrow morning will be the Pediatric G.I.’s office and hope they can get us in A.S.A.P!

Diagnosis: Reflux

Script:  Back to Pediatric G.I. we go


3)  H1N1 :   We quickly discussed the H1N1 shot and whether or not to get it. This is such a controversial shot and really there is so very much information out there about it.  Honestly I was and still am on the fence about it.  Devin will get it through work.   Brendan’s Pediatrician said if we can find it for him to get it.  So tomorrow my second round of phone calls will be to our county and the next county over to see if they have any left. I plan on doing the hard I am the mom of a preemie sell.  Hopefully it will work.  🙂


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