Updates on shoes and food and some pics too!

So this week  brought us to a sick Brendan. Nothing major just your run of the mill cold to include coughing, sneezing, leaky nose and a lot of sleeping. I had to keep him home from daycare for two days since I didn’t want him to get the other kids sick but today he is looking better so I think by Monday he will be good to go.

Unfortunately the food issues are the same this week, if not worse then before.  So Monday I will be calling the Pediatrician and requesting an appointment because something has to be done.  The reflux is definitely back and with it is the eczema.  So hopefully between what we have seen and the Pediatrician’s knowledge we will come up with a plan to get Brendan back on solids ( more then just cheerios, puffs, crackers, ).

Also I think we have won the shoe battle.  I can’t remember if I posted about this but last weekend we bought Brendan sneakers.   It took three stores but we finally found sneakers that he would actually keep on his feet for two seconds so they are the ones we bought.   Well then he likes to do this thing where he rubs feet together to get his shoes off.   Last night I was talking to my mom she gave me some helpful hints to get the shoes to stay on.  It was perfect timing since Brendan and I were  about to go to the store. So on the shoes went he was angry for a couple minutes but I won the battle ….the shoes stayed for an hour and a half!  The trick was something as simple as double knotting the shoes.

Sheriff and his K-9 unit ...he's from a small town ;)

Sheriff and his K-9 unit ...he's from a small town 😉


Sheriff Brendan carries a spoon in his holster

Sheriff Brendan carries a spoon in his holster


1st pair of Converse :)

1st pair of Converse 🙂


Ok so Cherokee is out back and Brendan is at the back door as usual watching Cherokee and then I hear a bunch of giggling.  So I look up and see  a shoe waving in the air.

me: Brendan did you take your shoe off?

Brendan: giggle giggle smile giggle

me: well did you?

Brendan:  giggle giggle

We use to play this game with his socks now it will be with shoes. It’s funny he enjoys it and is always so proud of himself.  Honestly I never get tired of his giggles.




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