food regression, new foods and Phillies

The past few weeks Brendan has been showing some signs of food regression. I haven’t posted about it because, well, we were hoping it was a sign of teething …unfortunately it’s not. He is just outright refusing to eat anything and basically everything that he normally loves. We were doing really good for awhile and progressing so hopefully this will just be a short phase. I should add that luckily (sarcasm) he is only refusing purees, fruits, yogurt and vegetables. This week we introduced Brendan to the wonderful world of grilled cheese… he was in heaven! We also let him have a new kind of cinnamon graham cracker by Gerber which he also loves, Honey nut cheerios, Ditalini pasta, brownie and Biter biscuits which he wasn’t to fond of. When he had the taste of brownie he smiled a big smile and went “mmmmmm” hah smart kid! He is also non stop babbling dad dad dada dadadadadadadada gagagagagagaga we are working on momo but he just laughs.

Almost forgot we have been fighting the battle of the sippy cup. We thought we had found one that Brendan liked but we were wrong. Well the other day I was at Babies R Us and saw one that I thought we should try and he has taken to it. He has successfully been drinking from it for 3 days now and carries it around with him. It’s a brand called Munchkin, they call it a sports bottle, we call it a sippy. We also have officially gotten Brendan down to only having formula 2-3 times a day from 8 times a day. All other times he is having milk ( whole and this is mostly what he gets) , juice (pear or apple), water (rarely).

This week Brendan brought the Philadelphia Phillies some good luck as they won the National League East Champion Series for 2009! We faithfully watch every game in hopes of again having the Phillies going to and winning the World Series.

Brendan watching the Phillies beat the Rockies :)

Brendan watching the Phillies beat the Rockies 🙂

yummy grilled cheese!

yummy grilled cheese!




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