lock the doors….

Sorry it’s been awhile since the last update but school has been kicking my butt this past week. I had my first test of the semester, on Monday, in Statistics the class that is sure to be the death of me. So please say a prayer or a million that I passed the test.

So let’s see what is going on here Brendan is doing great he is a walking fool, slowly but surely allowing us to introduce him to new and exciting foods and just as happy as can be. He truly is a pleasure. He is having some troubles with separation anxiety when I drop him off at daycare in the mornings. It’s been going on for a couple weeks, we were hoping it would get better it hasn’t yet but I am sure it will in time. He is also teething so I am sure that is not helping anything. It makes it so hard to leave him when he cries and clings to me but I have to go to school and he has to learn he is ok without mom. In the long run I know this will be beneficial for both of us.

His latest skill/trick is he can now reach the door handle for the back door so we have to make sure to lock it so he doesn’t escape!




lord help us ;)

lord help us 😉


munching yummy cheese

munching yummy cheese




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