15 month stats…swine flue and RSV season

Today Devin took the day off to take Brendan to his 15 month appointment. He said the appointment went well although Brendan did get some shots…flu and another one. But other then that it was fine they were in and out of there.

Weight: 22 lbs 2 ounces – this puts him in the 20% for his actual age and 40% for his adjusted age

length: 29 inches – this puts him in the 3% for his actual age and 25% for his adjusted age

his noggin/head – 50%

So Devin went in with my list of questions which I had prepared for me to take in , but since I couldn’t he did. We are now cleared to start Brendan on milk, eggs, cheese, spices, etc,etc, etc, so basically whatever we want. Now I know I am putting this out there for you all, and I also know that we all spend time together and even more then that I know the holidays are coming up so I am saying this please please please do not feed Brendan anything without asking first. Although we have the all clear we still have to know what he is eating, and when to watch for an allergic reaction. We need to know what is going in him so if he has a reaction that warrants a trip to the ER (emergency room) we can tell them what exactly he has had. I know you all will go along with this but I just had to put it out there. 🙂

She was happy to find out he is no longer on the reflux medication and that he is also no longer spitting up. So are we!

He is on the priority list or something like that for the swine flu shot. If you remember last year we were lucky, if you can call it that, since Brendan is a preemie that he got the Synagis shots for RSV season (October – May) which will be starting again soon. Unfortunately this year Brendan will not be getting them so this year I will worry ….like I don’t already, hah, everytime he gets sick. So please remember that Brendan is still considered a preemie , has preemie lungs and is still very at risk for getting sick. Last year we were very lucky and these shots played a large role in keeping him healthy and out of the hospital. If you are supposed to see us, and are sick please let me know beforehand so we can decide what to do. Thanks!

Tonight Brendan had some strawberry yogurt. It is a newer product by Gerber yogurt blends in simply strawberry. He really liked it a lot. He also had some apple juice for the first time ever today and loved that too.



So it was a good news day and we get to try a lot of new things, woohoo!


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