A post about Katie with a touch of Brendan, of course ;)

This week I started back to school.  And well  I am I am taking more then half a course load but not a full course load so I guess 3/4’s time course load…in short I am taking 3 classes or 9 credit hours at the University of Maryland – College Park. Go Terps!  With me starting back to school that means Brendan also started back to daycare but this semester unlike last he will be spending the majority of his days in daycare and not with his mom, 😦   He is going to the same daycare lady he was with last semester, an in-home daycare and she love love loves him and he does her. Which is really the best possible situation you can ask for when you have to leave your child with someone, right!?!  I dropped him off Monday morning bright and early he didn’t shed a tear and went right along back to his old routine of playing with the kids.  The only tears were at the end of the day when he saw me …and I guess was happy  to see me 🙂

So 3 classes that are sure to kick my butt.  They will be worth it though because they will get me to that degree that I have been working so hard towards for years now.  I am taking Statistics, Psychology of Women and Lifespan Development.  The professors all seem great and friendly.  Everyone on campus is all up in arms about H1N1/Swine Flu and as the mom of a preemie I had to explain to every teacher that if the babe gets sick I won’t be there thankfully they were all understanding and willing to work with me.  These classes seem interesting to me so I hope that means I will do well in them, but I guess time will tell.

The toughest part is honestly being away from Brendan all day. Luckily that only happens on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tues-Thurs-Fri are short days.  Although at the same time it is a nice break and good socialization for him.  This is definitely going to be harder on me then him but better for both of us in the long run, I hope.


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