I jinxed it :(

Last night I posted the great entry about Brendan’s progress with eating and how well it was going. This morning he had a baby sized bowl, about 3 tablespoons, of baby oatmeal and his banana-apple-strawberry mix for breakfast he really enjoyed it. Mid morning he had a bottle, for lunch more oatmeal and applesauce, mid-afternoon another bottle for dinner oatmeal and garden vegetables. And that is where everything went wrong, horribly wrong. It was like a scene out of poltergeist. It took me right back to the days months ago when puke followed every bottle and defeat was my middle name. He threw up everything he ate, what looked like for the whole entire day. Is that even possible!?! He did let me know it was coming though he put his hand up to let me know to stop feeding him. He was in pain… it came out of his mouth and nose and the tears followed. I hate this! So I stripped him down to his diaper right there in the kitchen, wiped him down and he was happy as a clam. I am lucky he is so resilient. He had a bottle and continued on playing and checking for daddy at the door. Later on we tried again and were successful with oatmeal, applesauce and peaches. He was “mmm” “mmm” “mmm” ing the whole time and giggling.

Today it rained cats and dogs so we didn’t get to go out. Luckily this rain is supposed to break the heat wave, woohoo!

uh oh here comes the rain

uh oh here comes the rain

Thanks for the outfit Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah!

Thanks for the outfit Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah!


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