yum yum food!

Well it’s been a couple weeks now, and hopefully posting this won’t jinx it, but Brendan is doing remarkably well off of the reflux medicine and since his frenectomy. So we decided to restart the process of introducing him to baby foods or solids. We did this with such apprehension since last time went so well and then BAM disaster. We again stuck with the Gerber baby foods organic selections stage 1. Stage 1 is the smallest portion size and most finely pureed. We started Brendan off with applesauce since it is sweet and he loved it so we stuck with that for a couple days. You have to do each food for 3-4 day to see if there will be an allergic reaction. From there we moved onto carrots, peas and peaches. This week we bumped him up to some stage 2 foods which are still pureed but a little chunkier; we still have applesauce and are adding banana blueberry, banana strawberry and mixed vegetable. We also give him oatmeal with each of these to help fill him up. So far so good…yay! So we are taking it slow but we are hopeful that things will continue on this way. Brendan is also doing really well with his sippy cup. We are still only giving him water in it since he is only to use it as practice. Another food item he loves and is great for him to practice self-feeding are Gerber puffs (Target also makes their own kind). Puffs also come in a variety of flavors : banana, apple, cherry, blueberry, sweet potato, etc. They don’t really offer much for nutritional value but a couple months ago he gagged on them and now he just mashes them up in his gums and goes for more. So this is awesome!  Hoping him eating real or heavier foods will help him to sleep through the night so mom isn’t a zombie anymore haha



checking on Cherokee

checking on Cherokee




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