Sippy, giggles and flick.r

A couple months ago we tried to introduce Brendan to the wonderful world of sippy cups, we bought just about one of every kind and through trial and error realized that 90% of them leak,he didn’t like them or he just wasn’t ready. So we stopped for awhile to give him some time and really he needed all the calories that he was getting in his bottles. But now that he will be one adjusted soon, the pediatrician I hope will want to start weaning him off of formula and onto milk, juice and water. So tonight we tried Brendan again with the sippy cup and he LOVED it …thought it was like the greatest thing ever. It’s so funny how something so simple could be so cool to him, but it really was. And once he realized that he could get a drink out of it the cool factor increased drastically. The best sippy cup we have found, and will be getting more of now that we know he likes them is, the Nuby BPA Free Flip-n-Sip straw cup. Now you might think that finding or picking a sippy cup is simple, well you are WRONG as I said we went through several and this is truly the best and I assure you Nuby isn’t paying me. The cup doesn’t leak, has handles, the straw bends under the cover and the straw is soft which is perfect for teething babies to chomp on but also suck on like they do a bottle unlike how most sippy cups have a hard spout.

Well, hello there friend.

Well, hello there friend.


So this video is dark at first sorry..

Brendan also had a lot of fun playing with his dad tonight, and Devin got some good belly laughs out of him.

Also if you notice in the left sidebar last week, or the week before I can’t remember, I linked our flick.r account to the blog. So whenever we take and upload pictures we will upload them there , and of course continue to post some in the blog entries themselves but you can click on any of the pictures over to the left and it will take you to the flick.r account where you can see all of our pictures. Let me know if you have any problems accessing them.


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  1. Laura

    Those belly laughs are great! He’s got a great deep very little boy laugh.

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