2nd times the charm?

So my gut/mommy instinct is telling me that the Pediatric GI is wrong and that Brendans’ reaction to the baby food isn’t anything related to allergies. I did call and talk to the Brendan’s pediatricians nurse and she is going to talk to the pediatrician to see what she thinks. But my gut really tells me it is something else going on, or maybe it was just a fluke or a bug. Tonight I thought I would give it a shot and see what happened so I broke out a stage 1 applesauce. Stage 1 is what you start off with when starting solids to see how Brendan would do. He gobbled up that whole container with no problems and I am so relieved to say he didn’t spit up any of it. PHEW! So I am going to try again tomorrow and see if I am still having the same luck. Maybe it was the teeth coming in that were making him react to the food? Maybe it was a bug? I guess time will tell but for today he ate and he loved it…it made us both smile! And when Devin came home I told him and he was so happy and proud of his boy!  A good day!


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