20 POUNDS! and Pediatric GI update

Today Brendan and I headed up to Baltimore to the John Hopkins children’s center to meet up with his Pediatric GI Dr Cuffari.  We started off the appointment with the usual vitals, so…… Brendan is now:  20 lbs 3 oz and  27.5 inches long. He also has quite the temper and attitude yippie! haha.  The appointment was quick and to the point which is how I like them.  We discussed what has been going on with Brendan’s feedings with formula and with solids/baby food, also his meds for reflux.  His spit up has all but stopped, I don’t want to say it has completely stopped for fear of jinxing us. So we are stopping his reflux medicine, which will be the true test of the reflux monster.  The big issue and main reason we went to see Dr Cuffari today is the concern about Brendan not being able to eat solids.  As you saw in several videos I posted he was a superstar with the solids, but that was when he was still having issues with formula. Now the issues with formula are resolved and real food is the issue.  Dr. Cuffari thinks Brendan is allergic to something but isn’t sure what. So we are going to see an allergist to have some tests run and see what they produce.  He is basing this on his skin coloring,extremely fair, and the reaction I have described to the food. If they don’t show anything and Brendan is still having issues with eating Dr.Cuffari will put him under and scope him to see what is going on. This will be a last resort type thing as it is not desirable to put a baby under unless it is necessary and he really doesn’t want to scope Brendan. He also noticed, as have we, the eczema on Brendan’s neck and we aren’t sure what is causing that so we are hopeful that they allergy testing will help with that also. Today he noticed something new Brendan had some red splotches on him a sign of eczema.

So I guess for now we are in a holding pattern until we see the allergist.


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  1. sarabehanna

    Good luck with the allergist. I feel better after Marino’s appointment (just posted about it on the blog). We’re also stopping reflux meds! I had to stop them temporarily (Zantac is an antihistamine so I had to stop it before his testing) and he doesn’t seem to be any worse when he’s not taking it.

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