1 year appt

This morning Brendan and I went to see his pediatrician for his 1 year appointment.  The appointment brought some good news and some okay news.  First the good news:  Brendan now weighs 18 lbs. 13 oz., is 28 inches long and his head is 46 cm.  So for weight he is still in the 3% but stedily gaining which is great, for height he is in the 10% and his head is in the 25%.  These are still on the adjusted preemie growth curve.  He got  his MMR, chicken pox, Hep A and pneumocoal shots today. I really don’t know who these shots are harder on…him or me.  But we both normally end up with tears, him while in the office. The look I get like, Mommy how could you let them hurt me…kills me!

I went in armed with questions in regards to: him not babbling, bow legged, tugging ear, reflux and cough.  She isn’t worried yet about him not babbling but if he isn’t when we go in September then we will have a speech evaluation and decide how to proceed. Someone pointed out that Brendan was slightly bow-legged, which of course made me worry more… she said it is normal and will correct itself once he is walking/standing more. Much like babies now commonly having a flat spot because of the back to sleep campaign.  Tugging on his ear could be related to teething but she said it is more likely that he just realized he could tug on his ear and feel it.  He has this cough sometimes in the middle of the night, the only time we hear it, and is saying it is related to reflux.

Now that reflux issues…. well as you know from the birthday cake incident we have had a slight setback in the reflux department. Although he is gaining weight, it’s not anything remarkable.  So we discussed how much he is eating (not much) and how he was/is going with solids …not well, obviously.  So she said it was probably his reflux acting up, even though he is no longer spitting up after bottles that his body is rejecting solids. So she wants us to go see the Pediatric GI again to see about a solution.  I have a call in so am just waiting on a  date for an appointment.  The fear is that the reflux will cause food aversions and thus he will stop gaining weight. And we all know I CANNOT have that happen.

So we go back in September for more shots and a weigh in and hopefully more good news 🙂


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