For those of us not in the medical world that is short for Upper Gastrointestinal.   Yesterday Brendan had a UGI done since his spit-up is still happening all the time. It was pretty cool to see how it is done. Brendan had no problem drinking the barium  ( a chalky liquid which is used to coat the inside of organs so they show up on x-rays).  To find out more on barium and why it is used for a UGI click here. So they had me strip Brendan down to a diaper, I wore a vest and helped hold Brendan down while helping him to hold and drink the bottle.  The tech and radiologist were asking about his spit up and how soon it happens…I told them normally in about 5 minutes.  So we started the x-rays, I got to watch everything (so cool!) they showed the barium going down into his stomach through the intestines and into the bowels. After a couple minutes Brendan did spit up  all over their table, pillow and blanket.  Luckily though the x-ray showed that none of his intestines or bowels are twisted. So the radiologist is sending the x-rays with this report of his findings and what he saw happen while we were there to the pediatric gi and we will go from there.

I am happy to report though that the new medicine, ermythocin (spelling?) does seem to be helping a bit.  At least we think it is the new medicine that is helping.  There are reports that although reglan, which Brendan was on for months, can be helpful it can also have the reverse effect and make you sick.  So time will tell with this new medicine.


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