Appointment with pediatric GI at JHU

This  week we had Brendans post-op appointment that was cancelled last week due to the doctor being called into emergency surgery. Happy to report the incisions are healing well, hernias are not back and we were discharged from his services.  He was hoping like the rest of us that the procedure would help with Brendan’s reflux, unfortunately it didn’t but oh well.

Friday Brendan and I headed up to Baltimore to John Hopkins to meet with Dr C, a pediatric GI.  Dr C comes with a recommendation from Brendans pediatrician since we are maced out on meds and they aren’t helping anyway.  We left here at 130, arrived in Baltimore at 240ish for a 3 appt.  The staff was so nice, Brendan weighed in at 14 pounds 15 ounces. Keep in mind that is fully clothed whereas at the pediatrician we strip him down to his diaper.  Either way he has definitely gained weight.  Dr C is AWESOME, I am truly happy with how this appointment went. We have a plan and are putting it into action immediately.   First he couldn’t believe the dosages Brendan is taking for the Reglan and Zantac, so we are totally cutting him off Reglan and cutting his Zantaz back to 3x a day from 4x a day.  We are also introducing a new medicine, its an antibody I think it is called hytomocin but I will double check that.  This week I have to schedule a dye test to check Brendan for a hiatal hernia, which Dr C was surprised that he hadn’t been checked for this already. But we checked the records and it wasn’t anywhere in there.   If that doesn’t show anything we will do an endoscopy to see what is going on inside.  And if that doesn’t show anything we will do testing for food allergies. Dr C said he isn’t convinced it’s not a food allergy but let’s double check on the reflux and gut issues first.  The thing holding him back on the food allergy issue is that Brendan is such a happy and content baby.

Luckily, Brendan did reflux several times during our 15 minute appointment and Dr C saw it and called  it  forceful vomitting not just spit up. He is the first doctor to look  at Brendan see his symptoms, listen to what I told him about our experience and tell me  it’s not normal. This was a huge  relief, since I was starting to wonder if this was normal.  Having to go through up to 10 outfits a day for Brendan, 3-4 shirts for me, and upwards of 20 burp cloths a day IS NOT NORMAL!  So we have a plan and I am hopeful that it will help, I know it won’t “cure” his symptoms but am hoping to lessen them so Brendan can continue to grow and flourish.


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