3 little sickies

Ugh what a week but thankfully we are on the mend.  Monday morning Devin woke up for work at his usual time and WHAM was hit with some awful kind of stomach bug, it hit me a couple hours later and Brendan a little bit after that.  Luckily Devin and I are better but Brendan is still sick. Spoke to the pediatrician’s nurse on Monday they said to keep an eye on him so we did, Tuesday they called to check on him and said to keep watching him.  Tuesday night he wouldn’t eat but maybe 2-3 ounces at a time, normally he eats 7, and was a screaming machine. Which is so not how Brendan normally is at all.  So we tried taking his temperature but everytime we did we got a different number so Devin went out and bought a ear thermometer, which produced the same result.  We gave Brendan some tylenol, he calmed down and fell asleep.  About 130 a.m. we heard a god awful sound over the monitor I thought Brendan stopped breathing, luckily he didn’t …he was choking but we don’t know on what and a shade of red I haven’t ever seen. I flipped him over hit his back a couple times he seemed to be find so back to bed we all went.  It happened again about an hour later same as before. After that he went back to sleep and slept for hours!  This morning I called the pediatrician again this time they wanted to see him, for fear he was losing weight. Well he isn’t, YAY, and is now weighing in at 13 pounds 11 ounces!  They said just to let it run it’s course, it’s the bug everyone has and it should be on it’s way out.  Hopefully tomorrow brings a better belly day for Brendan.


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