Shots, surgery, Wes and shopping….

Thought this week was going to be a nice quiet and boring one, as it goes most days things changed hah. Monday I got a pre-op call from the anesthesia department at Children’s national asking for Brendan’s and family history. The next day we got a call from the surgeons office that he and anesthesia still don’t feel comfortable putting Brendan under just yet so they want to wait a couple more weeks. We have now re-rescheduled Brendan’s surgery for January 6th, although I am sure it will change again hah.

Wednesday Brendan had his first play date and I do use that term loosely hah. My friend Eve had her baby boy Wes in the beginning of October and we finally got to meet him. He is so cute! Him and Brendan slept for most of their visit.

Pictures: Brendan and Wes


Today Brendan got his six month shots and his second synagis shot for RSV. With this appointment we got some stat updates for Brendan and I am so very happy to report he is now double digits for his weight. Here they are: ten pound eleven ounces, twenty three inches long and his head is forty one centimeters circumference. He is not yet on the preemie curve he comes in just below it. He is also doing a lot of milestones that fall in the four month old range which is awesome! Please remember when we talk about milestones we go according to Brendans adjusted age not his actual age. So he should actually be three months and two weeks old. The pediatrician is very happy with his progress….we go back to see her in a month for more shots and a weight check.

Tonight we (me, Devin and Brendan) went out and got a start on our Christmas shopping. Luckily we were able to buy everything we wanted for Brendan in one place. Woohoo! We also got about eighty percent of our shopping done….which is so unlike us hah.


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