Surgery is cancelled….

for now.  After three different phone calls from the hospital today to find out health/medical info and give me the specifics of the surgery.  We just got a phone call that the surgeon did a preoperative consult with anesthesiology and the anesthesiologist isn’t comfortable doing the surgery on Brendan until he is bigger.  They offered to proceed with the surgery if Brendan is in any pain or discomfort from the hernias, but he isn’t.  So tomorrow I will call and reschedule the surgery for 3-4 weeks from now.  That puts us at right before Christmas, fun times ahah!  4 weeks from now would put Brendan at 55 weeks which apparently is ideal for elective anesthesia  preemie babies.  So we wait a little bit longer, and maybe worry a little bit longer but it is best to wait…and we are happy to wait.


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