1st time being babysat…..we both survived ;)

Well last week we got some excellent news.  Brendan was approved for his Synagis shots, such a huge relief!  We got the call Wednesday and did his first shot on Thursday. As of Thursday he weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces. He did not have any reaction to the shot, so we will do his next one next month on December 6th along with his six month shots.

This weekend Brendan and I headed north to Philadelphia, again.  We had a great visit in Philly. Brendan got some time with his Mamie and Pop on Saturday while I got my hair done.  My hairdresser was so sweet and got Brendan a couple Christmas related outfits and bibs. He is one very lucky baby with so many people who care about and want to spoil him.  Saturday night Brendan and I went over to visit with Gram and Poppy.  This is two weeks in a row they got to see Brendan and I think they enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 .  After that we headed back to my mom and dads where Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George and Brendan’s GodAunt Hayley joined us for the usual Saturday night pizza and shenanigans.  They said he has changed so much from last week and finally has hair , haha.  This morning my mom and I did our annual trip to the Holy ghost prep craft show.  Aunt Geri and Beth joined us this year.  Aunt Beth came over to see Brendan before the craft show and Great Aunt Geri stopped by after the craft show to see him. My dad watched Brendan while we were out.  I believe the two of them were happy to keep each other company and Brendan is a great subject for my dads photography. After the craft show we loaded up and headed back down 95 to Maryland…to return to Philly for Thanksgiving.



Brendan with his great grandparents




They make each other laugh…


He loves his Aunt Sheryl….



With his Aunt Beth ….


with his Daddy….


climbing Mt Mommy…


Relaxing during a tough day of doing nothing other then being ridiculously adorable….



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