1st trip to the pumpkin patch!

Today Devin, Brendan and I went to the pumpkin patch. We went to a place not to far from us in Upper Marlboro Maryland called Montpelier farms. They have a couple fun things to do: 2 corn mazes, a hayride, petting zoo and of course a pumpkin patch. We started off in the one corn maze (Brendan slept, bum!), the harder of the two, called the Africa safari. It took us about an hour to get through it but was pretty fun. After that we went on the hayride (Brendan slept through this too) which takes you on a tour of the farm making stops at a big tractor made of hay, the petting zoo and the pumpkin patch. Their pumpkin selection was slim so we just got a pumpkin for Brendan. The girl was real nice and only charged us a dollar since we got a tiny pumpkin for Brendan.

Pictures: Corn maze, waiting for the hayride, on the hayride, milk dud the cow, cookie the Shetland pony, 3 little pigs and Brendan with his Brendan-sized pumpkin.


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  1. Great Aunt Geri

    OK, so who was this trip really for? The little guy who slept thru it (albeit he took some great pictures!!!) or the Mom and Dad? He was so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing, as always!

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