4 months old!

This week we got Brendan his first pair of sneakers. They are so cute and the tiniest pair of shoes I have ever seen. They are New Balance sneakers size 0..and even that is a bit to big for his tiny toes.

We also have noticed that Brendan enjoys sitting up but still obviously needs support doing so. So we bought him this seat by Summer. He really seems to enjoy sitting in it. He can’t reach the toys yet but he likes watching us move them for him.

We also bought Brendan his first Christmas cd courtesy of Firsher-Price. Ok it was playing in Toys R Us …he had to have it! It is called : Fisher-Price Little People Christmas sing-along. I was also hoping to pick up the Halloween version of this for Brendan, unfortunately our Toys R Us didn’t have it. So if any of you happen to be at Toys R Us and see it if you could pick it up for me I will pay you back.

He also seems to be doing great with the new formula. The amount of spit up is down to about 1/4 of what it was with the other formula. We are measuring the progress in things that we can now do with him after a feeding that we couldn’t before …like change his diaper post feeding, give him a bath post feeding and go out to a store/mall with him post feeding. We also generally go through 1-3 burp cloths a day now where as we use to go through all 24 of the burp cloths we have every day. Yes that’s right 24 a day! These don’t seem like big things to other people but to us they are huge. His spit-up issues were consuming our lives.

Last night Brendan rolled over which is another great accomplishment for a preemie at his age. He also has really good head and neck control.

Today nurse Cindy came out for her weekly visit with Brendan. She went over the usual stuff and I filled her in on the formula change. She was sooooo happy to hear things are getting better in the spit up department. Brendan is now measuring 21.5 inches long and weighs 7 pounds 11.5 ounces. So if you are keeping track that is only a 1.5 ounce gain from last week. But the red flags haven’t gone up just yet. We are assuming the slow in weight gain is because of the change in formula and even though I am mixing the new formula as I was the old it still isn’t the same amount of calories. Also as Brendan gets older he is not wanting to eat as often as he was when we first brought him home. Back then, way back in August haha, he was eating every 3 hours on the 3 hour mark. Now he is only wanting to eat every 4-5 hours and sleeping through the night. So for the next week in an attempt to pack on some weight we are going to force, that sounds harsh, to eat every 3 hours. Hopefully next week we will see a bigger weight gain. The good news is Brendan is a happy baby especially now that he isn’t spitting up all the time!

Today is Brendan’s 4 month birthday! Happy birthday!


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