Weigh-in and pictures… (may take awhile to load)

Today Nurse Cindy came for her weekly visit. Same business as usual: lungs are clear, heart rate is good, aw he’s so cute and then the weigh-in. So the normal range for a baby to gain per 24 hour period is .5 ounces to 1 ounce. Brendan has been gaining 1 ounce sometimes more then 1 ounce a day, when you average it out over the 7 day period. Well last week when Cindy was here he had gained but not that much but nothing that caused her to worry. Today when she weighed him though we discovered that Brendan has only gained 4.5 ounces in a week, which puts him at the lowest gain they are ok with for the week. So at any rate he is now weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. We are hoping by next week he is back to gaining more weight, but if not she will put in a call to the pediatrician and see what she wants to do. For now we will keep business as usual.



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