Philly visit….

Warning: This entry is loaded with pictures and will take a minute or two to load on your screen.

Friday morning Brendan and I headed up to Philly for an overnight trip. Our first stop was at Brendan’s great grandparents house. We had some lunch, Gram made me my absolute favorite tunafish. While I ate lunch the great grandparents of course held and loved on Mr Brendan.

Stephen, Uncle Stephen, came over to Gram and Pops on his way home from work. Then Brendan, Stephen and I headed over to my mom and dads to wait for our company.

Shortly after we arrived at my mom and dads word got out that Brendan was in town. So the visitors started arriving, to include (in order of appearance, haha!): Great Aunt Geri, Auntie K.C., Uncle Drew aka Big Drew, Great Aunt Diane, Auntie Jennalynn, Auntie Beth, Great Aunt Sheryl, God Aunt Hayley, Great Uncle George, Auntie Brittany and Auntie Carolyn.

The most heard phrase of the night was : He got so big. And yes he did he is so much bigger then he was….actual size of a newborn now. We had pizza, played pass Brendan and had lots of laughs. Brendan also got some great presents …. his first ever snowsuit (thanks Aunt Brittany) and 2 new books for his library. We as a family received our first family related Christmas ornaments…one for Brendan’s first Christmas and one for me and Devin. It was also his first time wearing “big boy” clothes of jeans and a shirt.

This morning Brendan and I watched a movie and headed back to Maryland…to return to Philly again soon!



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2 responses to “Philly visit….

  1. KClala

    I LOVE the last two pictures!!!

  2. Aunt Ginger

    Finally I have gotten my computor working enough that I could get on and check up on Brendan and the family. He sure is growing and looks adorable!! Hopefully I will get to meet him soon. Thanks to Aunt Geri for giving me the web sight. I loved all the pictures. Hope the new formula helps him. Love to all!! Aunt Ginger

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