Week fifteen

September 16, 2008 – Day 98
Posted 23 hours ago
Brendan had a good night last night and a great morning with his Aunt Beth. He is still spitting up ..sometimes a little but most times a lot. Tonight we were looking through pictures from when we brought Brendan home until today and really noticed how much bigger he has gotten. Brendan also got a package in the mail today. He really is Mr Popularity, haha. Thank you Joey, Miranda , Blake and Damon!
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September 17, 2008 – Day 99
Posted 35 minutes ago
Brendan didn’t have such a great day today. He did sleep great last night but his belly was not cooperating today. He spit up most of every bottle he had. So that prompted a call to the pediatrician because something has to change. The pain he is in brings tears to his eyes. We have an appointment to see her Friday morning and hopefully come up with some kind of solution. But until then we are trying two new kinds of bottles to see if they help at all. We are trying th NUK brand bottles and the Evenflo purely comfi bpa bottles both claim to reduce gas. We will put them up to the challenge hah.
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September 18, 2008 – Day 100
Posted 24 hours ago
Today Brendan had a visit from his home care nurse, Nurse Cindy. He is 7 pounds .5 ounces! She was happy with his progress. She noticed some signs of him being in pain from the reflux so she called the pediatrician while she was here to let her know what she was seeing. He spit up about 6 times while she was here, it was a concern for her because he hadn’t eaten for two hours. So tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to hopefully come up with a solution. All things she pointed out today have been happening all along, but seem to be getting worse.
Just as a reminder we do have a blog that will continue to be updated with Brendans progress. If you would like the link please email me at: katieh102806@comcast.net
Today is our last update on CarePages. Devin and I just wanted to thank you all for reading everyday about Brendan and for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you all.


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